Camera Dome Hikvision

The Camera Dome Hikvision is one of the most popular and feature-rich recorders produced by Hikvision. With multiple firmware revisions released over the years, Hikvision ensures that the product remains compatible with the latest technology. In this article, we will guide you through the firmware upgrade process for the I-series NVR, minimizing the chances of failure and saving you time.

Database Optimization and Repair

As technology advances, IP cameras are becoming more affordable and offer greater video resolution and data sizes. To keep up with these changes, efficient database management is crucial. With the introduction of firmware v4.0, Hikvision implemented a new database architecture to guarantee futureproof performance.

After upgrading to v4.X, it is essential to convert and optimize the recorder database. If you encounter issues where playback is expected but not found, follow the procedures and scenarios below to perform a “Database Repair.”

Preparing the Upgrade

Before proceeding with the upgrade, we highly recommend exporting the NVR configuration file over the network or onto a local USB drive.

Upgrading from v3.4.92 build 170518 or Older

To ensure a successful upgrade, follow these steps if your recorder is currently running a version older than v3.4.92:

  1. Upgrade the recorder to v3.4.92 before proceeding further. Directly upgrading from versions before v3.4.92 to any v4.X version is likely to cause the recorder to fail.
  2. Once the recorder is at v3.4.92, it is highly recommended to perform a full factory default before upgrading to any v4.X version. Failure to do so may result in unit failure, requiring RMA.
  3. After reaching v3.4.92 and performing a full factory default, you can proceed with the upgrade to v4.50.00.
  4. After completing the upgrade and reprogramming the recorder, it is advisable to perform a Database Repair. For detailed instructions, refer to the “Database Optimization and Repair” section above.
  5. To monitor the repair progress, check the HDD status or search the recorder log for repair started and stopped entries. Please note that while the HDD is being repaired, new recordings will continue, but some existing recordings may not be searchable until the repair is complete.
  6. If you still experience playback issues after the database repair, ensure there are no power, network, or motion detection issues. If the problem persists, feel free to contact our technical support.

Upgrading from Any v4.X Build to v4.50.00

If your recorder is already running any v4.X build, you can directly upgrade to v4.50.00. However, we highly recommend exporting the configuration before proceeding with the upgrade. Additionally, if you are upgrading from any v4.X version that is not v4.22.005, a Database Repair is recommended. Refer to Step 4 and onwards in the previous section for detailed instructions.


Downgrading is not advisable. New features and parameters are constantly added to the firmware, and downgrading may lead to the NVR factory defaulting itself or requiring a manual reset to operate correctly.

That wraps up our guide on upgrading the firmware for the Camera Dome Hikvision. We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade process. For more information or assistance, please visit VIỄN THÔNG GIÁ RẺ.