Hikvision Speed Dome

Welcome to VIỄN THÔNG GIÁ RẺ! Today, we’re going to talk about the Hikvision Speed Dome, one of Hikvision’s most popular and feature-rich recorders. With its continuous firmware upgrades and cutting-edge technology, this device is a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

Why Firmware Upgrades are Important

As technology evolves, it’s crucial to keep your devices up to date. The Hikvision Speed Dome is no exception. With each firmware revision, Hikvision ensures that the recorder remains compatible with the newest technology available. This not only enhances its performance but also extends its lifespan.

Database Optimization and Repair

One of the significant features introduced in the firmware v4.0 is the new database architecture. This update allows for more efficient management of the recorder’s database, which is essential as IP cameras with greater video resolution and data sizes become more affordable.

If you experience any issues with playback, it’s recommended to perform a “Database Repair” after upgrading to v4.X. This will ensure that the recorder’s database is converted and optimized for optimal performance.

Preparing for the Upgrade

Before proceeding with the upgrade, it’s advisable to export the NVR configuration file either over the network or onto a local USB drive. This way, you can easily restore your settings if needed.

Upgrading from Older Versions

If you’re currently using a version older than v3.4.92 build 170518, it’s crucial to follow the correct upgrade path. Upgrading directly from older versions to any version of v4.X may result in the recorder failing.

Here’s the recommended upgrade path:

  1. Upgrade all recorders to v3.4.92 before proceeding further.
  2. Perform a full factory default after reaching v3.4.92.
  3. After the factory default, you can then upgrade directly to v4.50.00.
  4. Once the upgrade is complete, consider performing a Database Repair as mentioned earlier.

Upgrading from v4.X Builds

If you’re already using any v4.X build, the upgrade process is relatively straightforward. You can directly upgrade to the latest version, v4.50.00. However, it’s always a good idea to export your configuration before proceeding. Additionally, if you’re upgrading from a v4.X version that is not v4.22.005, it’s recommended to perform a Database Repair.

The Importance of Not Downgrading

While it may be tempting to downgrade your firmware, it’s strongly discouraged. Downgrading can cause the NVR to factory default itself or require a manual reset to operate correctly. Given the constant addition of new features and parameters, it’s best to stick with the latest firmware version.

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